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Horobre Serdce Danila Makarych "Krakow-CACIB-2003"

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our puppy :) inbreeding 2x2 on Aida
Glad to see you on my site!
In our kennel we try to achieve not only the best exterior goal in our breeding, but try to achieve excellent working abilities in our black terriers also! & we hope we already have some results in both!

2 litters from the really working dogs were received 2 IPO-1 mating couples first in Ukraine!
We hope you like our dogs :) See our news, & our children. See articles about brts breeding, haircutting, etc. Take a part in our forum! We will be glad to aid to everybody in brt-breeding & brt-growing, training :)

RADOMIR s Almaznogo Ostrova - INTERCHAMPION, CH.Russia,Ukraine,BL,BG,MD,PL,RO, Kiev, USA (AKC), Mexico, ALL America


04.01.2009 Excellent start of the new year for our children in USA! A dog-show was held in Minnesota, USA, this past weekend, and having participated there, a daughter of our Radomir s Almaznogo Ostrova - Russian Bears ALWAYS MY GIRL - received one more major !! Also a daughter of Horobre Serdce Diva - Russian Bears LUCIAS DISCO DELIGHT - took several more points to her collection!! Congratulations to the owners and to the breeder with the successful start of this fruitful year!
23 Dec.2008 Well, nice present for Christmas! Horobre Serdce Feofania has delivered puppies from Ya-Tayson is imperii Ra. This couple has produced already our lovely Bezuprechnaya Lady (IPO-1, excellent-3 at EUROPE-2008) and Vesennyaya Skazka (BISb-2, excellent, R.CAC). Good reliable owners for our babies are welcome!
17 Nov.2008 At the yesterday's CAC show our young male Eneas King won Best Junior male and Best Junior of the breed, having won 2 cups at once, Jun.CAC certificate, being for the first time shown in Juniors; and our female Vesennyaya Skazka was shown in the open class for the first time (not to compete with Eneas for Best Junior title then), and though so young, she earned Res.CAC certificate, being 2-nd excellent in her class. Congratulations to the owners!
11 Nov.2008 Horobre Serdce Potseluy Sudby Paris (a son of Horobre Serdce Dominikiya and Apollon Chiornyy Prints) was x-rayed for his hips and elbow, and the official results are HD-A/A, ED-0/0 - free from desplasia! Congratulations to Svilen, the owner, with approved health of his dog, which is besides already a Junior Champion of Bulgaria, Junior Winner of National Club of the Breed, Champion of Bulgaria!
04 Nov.2008 More news from our dear children from USA!! My Radomir during this weekend finished his Rally Excellence title - to do this he had to pass qualification at Rally Excellence competitions 3 times to get 3xlegs. And he successfully executed the task!
Same weekend and at the same place, just the opposite side of the area, breed rings - dog show - took place! - of club :) This might be very convenient for visitors - simultaneously you can watch both working competitions and the dogshow!
At the first dog-show my Radomir s Almaznogo Ostrova got Best of Breed, and a son of Horobre Serdce Diva - Disco - got 4 point major and BOW! On Saturday a son of Horobre Serdce Zarevich Radostine (a grand-son of Horobre Serdce Diva and Radomir s Almaznogo Ostrova) - Brik - got BOW (Best of Winners) and 4 point major[! A daughter of Radomir - Mya - got her first points, being for the first time in the breed-rings (not competing for the working titles)- and 4 point major at once!! - Her sister Katya closed her CHampionship still the last year. Radomir got BOB again on Saturday :) And on Sunday Radomir took BOB once again :) Well, a successful weekend for our off-springs!!
21 Oct.2008 The owners of Lancelot Chiornyy Prints - a son of our Horobre Serdce Elite and Baloven Sudby ot Zenitsy Oka - told about just super news about how their lovely Lancelot well he did this past weekend at an IABCA show in Orlando, USA. Lancelot is now an International Jr Champion as well!!
Saturday's shows result:
Show 1 SG1/BB/Group 2 (Group 1 went on to win BIS Puppy)
Show 2 SG1/BB/Group 2
Sunday's shows results:
Show 3 SG1/BB/Group 1/Best in Show Puppy !!!!
Show 3 SG1/BB/Group 1 !
Congrats to Pat and Earl with our special boy!!
10.10.2008Our lovely Aida is 12 years old from now! HAPPY BIRTHDAY my dear! Be healthy and live happy several more years!
06.10.2008 This year the EUROPEDOGSGOW was held in Budapest, Hungary, and a daughter of Horobre Serdce Feofania, a grand-daughter of Horobre Serdce Massandra and Horobre Serdce Dobrynya Makarych - RBK Horobre Serdce Bezuprechnaya Lady - competed there in the open class among strong and big competition of females all over the Europe. And I am happy to announce that RBK Horobre Serdce Bezuprechnaya Lady won the 3-d place!!! ! HURRA! And my heartiest congratulations to the owners - Russian Bears kennel - who spent their time and did everything in their power to achieve the result!!
We are happy to announce that on 23 June Puppies were born in the Inima Mea kennel from the mother: Horobre Serdce Evrika (Club Winner 2008(Champion Class), Champion of Romania, Junior Champion of Romania, of Central and Eastern Europe) and father: Armagedon Z Malej Polski (InterCHampion, Chamion of PL, Ch Sk, Jn CH PL,Austria-Hungary WInner 2005, Tulln Winner, free of displasia HD-A).
Puppies are well built, big boned, have good appetite, they were born with good weight. A puppy from the first litter of Evrika has become Best Puppy at Europe Dog Show-2007! We wait for good reliable owners for our lovely babies

09 Aug.2008 In USA a dog show took place out of Kennel Club of Freeborn, under the judgment of Col Joe B Purkhiser, and our little child out of Horobre Serdce Elite and Baloven Sudby ot Zenitsa Oka - Legenda Chiorniy Prints - participated there and won Best puppy title! Our warmest congratulations to the owners!
July, 26 a show was held in Waukesha WI, USA, where our children of Horobre Serdce Elita and Baloven Sudby ot Zenitsy Oka - Lebedushka Chiorniy Prints (Lara) and Lastochka Chiorniy Prints (Zara)- took participation. and Lara got Best Of Breed winning 1 point, Zara got "excellent-2" after Lara Congratulations to the owners Melissa and Antonina! And I hope they will achieve bigger and more success in the future! See Lara's new photos on her page!
July, 21 AKC Shows in Owensboro/Evansville, IND, USA on 18 - 20 July were held, and our lovely progeny Legenda Chiorny Prints (of Horobre Serdce Elita and Baloven Sudby ot Zenitsy Oka) and Bezuprechnaya Lady Horobre Serdce (Horobre Serdce Feofainia x Yai Taison iz Imperaii Ra)took participation there ... and WON
Legenda became best Puppy Bitches 6 Mos & Under 9 Mos al 3 days! And Lady won BEST OF WINNERS BITCH for 3 Point Major, + she became BEST OF BREED on 20 July, having won World-Winner-2007!! Also RUSSIAN BEARS BONUS FOR BYTEWORK (from Horobre Serdce Zarevich Radostin-Ruslana Ratmirovna iz Poslednih Angelov) won WINNERS DOG, BestOfWinners, earning 3 Points Major I am specially happy for Lady, who was shown for the first time in her life, and got such a succes, collecting her first weekend ever showing 3 majors for a total of 11 points! CONGRATULATIONS to Helene Leisure and all the other rbk-family owners! for the good job done!
June, 1 2008 Super News From Poland! Our lovely daughter from Horobre Serdce Dominikia and Apollon Chiorniy Prints - Horobre Serdce Polyarnaya Zvezda - received YOUNG CHAMPION of POLAND! At the exhibition in Shchecine-CACIB she won in strong competition with 6 other young females BEST JUNIOR FEMAL, and then in comparison with the best male-junior she became the YOUNG WINNER of the breed, BEST JUNIOR! Before she was shown in Bydgoszcz, Poland, where she won 1st excellent, YOUNG WINNER also! My warmest congratulations to the happy owners of Polechka - Viola and Piotr!
Super-news from USA! In California, Pomona, 4 shows were held on 22-25 May 2008, and our RADOMIR won Best Male and Best Of Breed 3 days!!
News from USA, Florida, Orlando : 3-4 Apr.2008 on IABCA National & Internationalship - our sun from Horobre Serdce Elite and Baloven Sudby ot Zenitsy Oka - Lancelot Chiorniy Prints - was shown there .. and WON!! He became the Best Puppy of the Breed and then the 4-th in the Best Puppy of the Show!!!! He was judged by 6 experts, and all of them gave him excellent description and high mark.
Experts were: Dr. J. Donald Jones - USA (2008 Westminster Dog Show - BIS judge); Mr. Charles Olvis - USA; Mr. Thomas Nesbitt - CAN; Ms. Juliann Kowalsky - USA; Mr. David Swartwood - CAN; Mrs. Grace Black - USA. Our warmest congratulation to Pat - the Lance's owner- with the VICTORY!!!
10-11 May 2 CACIB shows were held in the Odessa city in Ukraine, where I showed our little baby Eneas King firstly in the puppy class! (in the age of 6 months and 1-2 days), and WE WON! Both days Eneas King became Best Puppy of the breed ! Congratulations to the owners of Eneas with the new victories
26-27 In Kiev were held annual 2 CACIB shows "GOLDEN GATE-2008". We showed our little baby Eneas King, and he became the Best Baby of the breed both days!! Also on Sunday he became 3-d in the Best Baby of the Show choice!! Congratulations to the owners with one more success of their lovely dog!
21.04 The page of our loevely son Petr Velikiy s Almaznogo Ostrova was upgrade. See his new photos and results here
20.04 In Satu-Mare city, Romania, there was hold CACIB dog show, and our grand-child in Romania - Andrej Ricci Inima Mea, a son of Evrika Horobre Serdce, became the Best Junior of the breed!! Congratulations to Sabina Ghergariu, the breeder, the owner of Inima Mea kennel, with one more success of her puppies!
21.04.2008 Just has got some nice news from Poland! Our 14 months old Horobre Serdce Polyarnaya Zvezda (a daughter of Horobre Serdce Dominikia and Apollon Chiorniy Prints) was shown in Inowrocaw and won V1, "exellent", YOUTH WINNER and BEST JUNIOR CONGRATULATIONS to the owners!! Polechka is now 69cm height and 47kg weight, and we wish her to win more and more as she is a very beautiful girl! See her new photos here
21.04.2008 Yesterday our club held a stud-sog show, and we participated in it with our AIDA and her grand-children ENEAS KING and PETR VELIKIY s ALMAZNOGO OSTROVA, and also Radomir's grand-son PALANTIR. and the VICTORY again ENEAS KING became the BEST BABY OF THE BREED and then being compared with other breeds babies - BEST BABY OF THE SHOW!!! PETR VELIKIY became BEST OF THE BREED and then was places the THIRD IN BEST IN SHOW! PALANTIR became BEST JUNIOR OF THE BREED and then AIDA with excellent description and big congratulations to her excellent appearance in her 11.5 years won BEST VETERAN OF THE BREED and then BEST VETERAN OF THE SHOW in addition to nice prizes we also received the original of her certificate of the CHAMPION OF UKRAINE
05 Apr In Romania two shows were held in the Brasov city: CAC and BRT Club dog show, one after another. And our lovely Evrika Horobre Serdce (a daughter of our Radomir and Aida) participated in both. And she WON WINNER, Best female of the breed, CAC on the first dog show under the judgement of CSATARI ANDREEA, and then Winner in Champion class-females, Best of opposite under the judgement of POLINA SI IC (SRB )! CONGRATULATIONS to the owner - Sabina Ghergariu, Inima Mea kennel!! GREAT success!!
03 Apr 08 Puppies were born from Horobre Serdce Dominikia and Baloven Sudby ot Zenitsy Oka! all the details are here
05 Apr 2008 We have a new nice member of our family! On the show in Kiev, AKANA-CAC-2008 our lovely child was shown - Eneas King - a son of Megera(inbreeding 2*2 on Aida) and Magnat s Almaznogo Ostrova (a grandson of Aida's brother). and our little Eneas King became the BEST BABY OF THE BREED!!! Nice debut! Congratulations!!
23 March 2008 and a VICTORY again!!! Our lovely Petr Velikiy s Almaznogo Ostrova (Horobre Serdce Deva Danaya x Radomir s Almaznogo Ostrova) tool 1 excellent, CAC, BOS and BOB on the show in Nikolaev! We congratulate the owners with a new voctory! Well done! You have only few steps to close the Ukrainian Champion!

***23 March Happy Easter to all of you! We wish you to have this year very fruitful, and you to be healthy & wealthy, and let's your desires to come into reality
28 Feb.2008 On the 23 Feb. Specialty Show at the IKC in Chicago was hold, where our lovely Radomir was shown among 21 other black terriers. and we WON!!! RADOMIR S ALMAZNOGO OSTROVA got BEST OF BREED at the Specialty Show!!! Big victory again!!
13 Feb.2008 RADOMIR WON BEST MALE IN WESTMINSTER DOG SHOW-2008!!!! BIG Thanks to all the command who worked on this!, and my special BIG thanks to Irina Yablonka, who specially came to US to groom and show him and Leeza on WESTMINSTER!! Leeza - Lizaveta s Tioply Zviozd - Best of Breed WESTMINSTER-2008!! CONGRATULATION TO ALL!!! And many hugs to our lovely dogs
9 November In "S Almaznogo Ostrove" kennel 8 puppies were born from a grand-daughter of Aida - Megera - and sire Magnat s Almaznogo Ostrova - Champion of Ukraine! 3 puppies are for sale!
21 Dec.2007Just received a call from the owner of our lovely son of Horobre Serdce Deva Danaya and Radomir s Almaznogo Ostrova - Petr Velikiy s Almaznogo Ostrova. On the last Chrystal Cup of Ukraine (CACIB) last weekend he received CAC in the open class! Great news! It's already his second victory on such a big show (he also has become a Junior Winner of Cup of Ukraine). On the Championship of black terriers he became second after Agent 007 (a son of Baloven ot Zenitsa Oka), whom he won on CACIB Well done! Let's go on Petr to finish your Championship of Ukraine!
18 Dec.2007 I would like to share with you all one nice news, which I learned from Sabina (Romanian breeder, the owner of Evrika Horobre Serdce) Her "son" Antey Inima Mea ( Malahovskyi Sovjetnik x Horobre Serdce Evrika ) was x-rayed today and he has HD free, normal!! And Evrika is a sister of Elita as you might have known :)
20 Nov.2007 On 18-19 November Radomir went to the benched show in Philadelphia - there was supposed to be competition there (11 dogs entered) - but only about half showed up.Radomir went BOB all 4 days and got the admiration of many people. Judges commented that he is an amazing dog - a massive dog (& he is :)). So on to the next show!
22 Oct.2007 Black Pearl show was held on 21 Oct. , and we showed our little girl - Aida's grand-daughter- Vesennyaya Skazka (means Fairy of Spring, and named Pava at home). Our lovely girl won Best Baby-female!! under the judgement of Milan Ducen! Congratulations to all the winners and participators!
15 Oct. I would like to congratulate owners of Mishka (Russian Bears I B A Dominant Flirt) - a daughter of Horobre Serdce Diva x Rubeus Hagrid - on her recent group 3 placing in the puppy group at the International show in USA - she got raves from the judges all weekend!
24 Sept. On the last Saturday at our club dog show - stud dogs inspection - we presented for the first time the youngest representative of our kennel/ the grand-daughter of our lovely Aida - Vesennyaya Skazka (means: Spring fairy tale) (d.Horobre Serdce Feofania x s.Ya-Taison iz Imperii Ra). As usually, our club invited to expertise highly-qualified judges of national catagory, and it was interesting to me to listen to their opinion on our little girl :) In very strong competition of one baby in the breedour Pava (home nick) received excellent decsriprion full of praises on her development at the age, and we went to the Best of Baby concours, where our Pava won 2-nd place, giving the first one to a beautiful boxer baby.
Having eaten our portion of shashlyk, and deviding it with Pava (but actually she hasn't asked us if we would like to give her some, and just took some from my kind daughter Nastya), we took with us back to home excellent mood from the well spent time , we drove home with the decession to come back again next times My congratulations to the owners of the little Pava - Nadya and Sasha - with the wish to have further successes in her showing and training
10.09 Super news from Finland!!! Our lovely daughter of Aida and Radomir - Energiya Horobre Serdce (Kira at home) won CAC and BOB in Finland, Porvoo at a good competition! That was her third show, and such a success!!! New photos of Kira on her personnal page :) Privilegiya s Almaznogo Ostrova (Radomir s Almaznogo Ostrova x Deva Danaya Horobre Serdce) got second in females comperison for the best female! And we congratulate both children of Radomir with the victories We are very proud of our girls , and congratulate their owners Jani and Maritta with Kira, and Anna-Riitta with Prima!!!
03.09 Our lovely daughter Horobre Serdce Energy from Radomir and Aida last weekend on the show in Helsinki, Finnland won 2-nd place between 4 excellent bitches, having received excellent mark and Res.CAC cerificate! (yes, yes, noy only excellent-2 mark, though it is Finnland!) My warmest congratulations to the owners Jani and Maritta - this result is one more Kira's (Energy's) input to her stock which consist now of HD-A, E/B-0, allowence to breed from the Club of the Breed, and the mental test passed with an excellent result! You've done excellently! Thank you!
28 Aug. Our grand-daughter of Aida - Mavka (Lesnaya Nimpha s Almaznogo Ostrova from Deva Danaya Horobre Serdce and Kris) was shown 2 days in champions class in DEBRECEN-CACIB dog-show, and both days she won CAC, and both days she became the best female having won 2*CACIBs!!! By this Mavka closed Championship of Hungary! My congratulations to the owners and the handler!! You all are the best!!!
22.08 A puppy female is selling^ 2.5 months, d.Feofania Horobre Serdce, s.- a son of Yashka Malahovskiy (World Winner) - the pupy is the biggest in the litter, the largest, the widest, good psychic and temperament - a nice playful girl!
21.08 I received CONGATULATIONS from Finland!!!!Our lovely daughter of Aida and Radomir - Horobre Serdece Energiya (Kira) - has passed qualification A in Finland (Breeding qualification). She is : HEALTHY, has GOOD TEMPERAMENT AND LOOK (exterior) CORRECT BY STANDART!!! She also passed this weekend her mental test having receved good results at all its stages! Congratulations to the owners Jani and Maritta!!!
15 Aug. I receive one more very nice news from our lovely Radomir - in Corpus Christi, Texas, USA there was hold 2 shows , and our lovely Radomir took participation in them, and he WON - again! Both days Radomir s Almaznogo Ostrova became the best of the breed, and both days he won GROUP-4 in the Best in Show concours!! so he might be now TOP brt of USA once again after his short leave!
03.08 2 grand-daughters of our lovely Aida were driven to Kiev from Kramatorsk (Ukraine), and now they are gladden their new owners They ae children of Horobre Serdce Feofania and a son of Yashka Malahovskiy. We will follow their growing up
02 Aug. THis weekend in Ukraine there were hold 2 CAC shows:"Cup of Khmelnitskiy-2007" & "Cup of Ternopol-2007". The Grand-son of our Radomir Palantir Zolotoy Vek Astrei (Ispolin s Almaznogo Ostrova x Zusima s Almaznogo Ostrova) became the best male-puppy in Khmelnitskiy city , and the best puppy of the breed in Ternopol city. Our Congratulations to the happy owners and breeder
23 July On 21 July in Bulgaria Karl Reisenberg was judging brt-ring, and our litle Max (Horobre Serdce Potseluy Sudby Paris from Horobre Serdce Dominikiya and Apollon Tchiorny Prints) took "very perspective" , and then in the best in show for babies he won BIS-4!!!Heartly congratulations to his owner Svilen!I also would like to tell many thanks to Buba and Ivan, Nelli and Velio: to their friendly command for their aid in growing up and grooming of our little boy
02 July there was hold a CAC show in Bulgaria, Popovo city. and our son Max (Horobre Serdce Potseluy Sudby Paris from Horobre Serdce Dominikiya and Appolon Tchiorny Prints) received "very perspective" mark, won best baby and then in best in show among babies won BIS III !!! My best congratulations to Svilen, his owner!!!
11 JuneSabina from Romania, Inima Mea kennel (means My Heart) called me to tell that her baby Adara Inima Mea (from Horobre Serdce Evrika x Malahovskij Sovetnik) won best baby-female!! at the EURODOGSHOW-2007!!!! As soon as the Austrian owner will send her me more detailed info with photos from the show - I will place it here CONGRATULATIONS to Adara's owner Janet Efrati and to the breeder - Sabina, with such great success of her first litter puppy!!!!
04 June- on 26 May in Odessa, Ukraine there was hold an International dog-show FCI-CACIB "Gold Coast-2007". BRT-ring was expertised by FCI-judge Mr.Ave Marshak , Israel. In champion class-females our grand-daughter Lesnaya Nimpha s Almaznogo Ostrova (Kris x Deva Danaya Horobre Serdce) took CAC first, and then being compared for the best female and best of breed she took CACIB an BOB!! and then whilst presenting the breed for the Best in Show she took BIG-2!! Hurraa Great congratulations to the owner and breeder E.Pereguda!!
01 June Some more news - from Romania, Inima Mea kennel (means "My heart"): our grand-daughter Adara Inima Mea (a daughter of Horobre Serdce Evrika, and grand-daughter of Radomir x Aida) was shown in Bratislava, Slovakia, and she became best puppy-female under the judgement of Olga Morozova (which was the judge last Dmitrov at the brt-Championship on May 2007 in Moscow). Congratulations to the owner - Janet Efrati, Austria, - with the succes of her baby!! Good carier start! We wish you more and more victories!!
30 May Some more news - from USA, "Russian Bear" kennel - As you might know, this year World Dog show was held in Mexico, and on 24 and 25 May they gave titels of CH.Mexico to the breed-sex Winners, and on 26 May - Ch.Americas to the breed-sex Winners, and on 27 May - World Winner to the breed-sex winners! After the World Dog Show passed, our Radomir is a CHampion of Mexico and Champion of the Americas as well! The judge said Radomir was the better dog on Sunday (when the World Dog show ring) but his friend was the handler so...."
We are only very upset that somebody opened Radomir's crage at the airport, and he ran out of it, and after that Mexican airport workers tried to catch him making him to run for a long time whilst such a heat... he received a heat atack..My dear lovely Radomir, I hope you will recover soon!!!! We all love you and wish to fix your health up!!!
27 May-in Bulgaria, Asenovgrad they hold a dog show of National and International BRT clubs under the judgement of the famous FCI expert Sony Faletti, and our little Horobre Serdce Paris (Dominikiya Horobre Serdce x Appolon Tchiorni Prints) obtained "very perspective" mark and achieved "best baby in males"! We send our best congratulations to our lovely child (he is only 3.5 months old now) and wish to his owners to have a lot of happy moments in their common life and same quantity of victories
On 12 May baby/youth and stud dogs show was hold by our club - a department of UKU in Kiev, and my lovely baby from Horobre Serdce Dominikiya and Appolon Tchiorny Prints - Horobre Serdce Poseydon - has become the best baby of the breed
Totally everything was as following: Alena with Rem (Petr Velikiy s Almaznogo Ostrova - from Deva Danaya Horobre Serdce and Radomir s Almaznogo Ostrova) had promissed to come - and didn't, she had promissed to bring his children - and didn't...
Many babies-males were showed, also female Utrennyaya Zvezda s Almaznogo Ostrova (own.Mozhevelova Alexandra) in Juniors, and male Escalibur iz Poslednih Angelov in Juniors. Roksolana iz Poslednih Angelov - open class, Luch Nadezhdy iz Poslednih Angelov - open class. Best of Breed was taked by Roksolana. Best junior - by Utrennyaya Zvezda. BEST BABY - our lovely POSEYDON . First cup was received on the first show!! Our baby was shown in 3 months and 3 days I am very thankful to Alexandra Mozhevelova for this excellent news
10 May- page Our children on our site has become even more pretty and convinient Look and gladden together with us
09 May - Our congratulations to everybody with the 9-th May data - the Day of the Great Victory - We wish all of you to have clean and peace sky above your heads!!!
08 May on the 5-6 May in Cisinau, Moldova there were hold 2xCACIB + CAC shows. Our grand-daughter Lesnaya Nimfa s Almaznogo Ostrova (Mavka) (Kris x Deva Danaya Horobre Serdce) received her 4-th CACIB!! Our congratulations to the breeder and owner Katerina Pereguda!!!Well done!!
04 May - 28 April in Kiev there was hol a CACIB show "Kiev Castanes-2007".Black terriers were judges by great anatomist, FCI expert Ivanisheva (Russia). Our children and grandchildren have achived great results! We congratulate them with the victories! In the baby-male class won our grand-son Hristofor Amuratych s Almaznogo Ostrova (Amurat Karahan x Deva Danaya Horobre Serdce) - BEST BABY-male of the breed. in the class baby-females won our grand-daughter Hohloma Boyarynya s Almaznogo Ostrova (Amurat Karahan x Deva Danaya Horobre Serdce). She also became the BEST BABY OF THE BREED! Our lovely son of Radomir and Deva Danaya Horobre Serdce - Petr Velikiy s Almaznogo Ostrova - took 4-th place in the open class in great compatition.
29 Apr in Kiev there was hold CACIB show "Cup of Ukraine-2007". Black terriers ring was judged by FCI exceprt Mr.Ovots (Ukraine). In babies-males class won our grand-son Hrizolit s Almaznogo Ostrova (Amurat Karahan x Deva Danaya Horobre Serdce). He also became BEST BABY OF THE BREED Our greatest congratulations to the breeder of these excellent children - Ekaterina Pereguda - She has made a great deal!!
30 April - Our lovely Radomir won Best of Breed , and then received a Group 3 in Birmingham, USA!!
25 Apr. - one more greeting from Bulgaria! From all the parts of this beautiful country we receive the info about our lovely puppy Paris coming to their city Ruse In this city already live his ralatives Raya (Pritsa Schastya s Almaznogo Ostrova from our Radomir x Horobre Serdce Deva Danaya) and a puppy from our lovely Horobre Serdce Faramir and Lizavetta Noch Na Kupalu from a Bulgarian kennel Dzhamalitsa. Except of some photos about our "sun" coming to his owners, I received today also a video of his play with Raya and a young male Bari wicth lives in Ruse also. Owners of our Paris have a lot of friends there who can help them with the puppy growing, so we are waiting for the further news!
***17 Apr - We have decided to leave for ourselves Poslanets Bogov Germes Horobre Serdce - home name Grom (means "thunder") This child entered our life, bringing a fresh stream to its calm flow with his great temperament, activity, happyness, tenderness and firm character This Sunday we gave him a bath and made some new photos of him see on his personnal page here . His brother Poseydon is for sale.
***11 Aprel - some more news - from Montreal, Canada! - from Serge & Nadia, the owners of our Horobre Serdce Daryana. Their children from Daryana and Passat iz Poslednih Angelov - Formula Lubvi and Furor na Samom Dele iz Novoi Stai - took part in the Rare Club Dog Show. On the first day there they met their brother,Fedia.He took some first places in the rings and he has received some points to became in future the Champion of Canada. The next day their own children shown all their best, though they haven't trained with handling.The 11months old girl Formula Lubvi iz Novoi Stai took first places in many rings.And her brother Furor na Samom Dele iz Novoi Stai made furor - He won many rings and he received 5 points in the finals!!! For becoming a champion of a Canada he needs 10 points more!!! OUR CONGRATULATIONS!!!
***11 Aprel - some more nice news - from Jhamalitsa kennel, Bulgaria, and from Serbia. In Surchin, Serbia there was hold 4-th Speciality show for Russian breeds only- CRT, SAO, KO. Argir Farich Jhamalitsa (Horobre Serdce Faramir X Lizaveta Angel Moy Noch Na Kupalu, d.b. August 8, 2006)- BIS PUPPY & his sister Arra Bella Jhamalitsa (Horobre Serdce Faramir X Lizaveta Angel Moy Noch Na Kupalu, d.b. August 8, 2006) - took "very perspective"; Horobre Serdce Vakula Kuznec (Radomir s Almaznogo Ostrova x Xena Best, d.b. 03 Jan 2006) - 'excellent'-2, and he took place in character test, which he passed ok
***The second show-CACIB - 41-st International dog show in BEOGRADE (11th.march.'07.): Arra Bella Jhamalitsa (Horobre Serdce Faramir X Lizaveta Angel Moy Noch Na Kupalu)-best puppy of breed, Shirkan (Horobre Serdce Faramir X Afrodita, Serbia)- best junior/male, Horobre Serdce Vakula Kuznets - 'excellent-2' after him in Junior class We congratulate the breeders and the owners with such a nice success, and of course send our hugs to our lovely Faramir Horobre Serdce-the father and his owners Buba and Ivan! , and to our son Vakula & his owner Vladimir - these were there first shows, and though in a huge haircutting, they received an excellent description!
***10 Aprel - In USA Horobre Serdce Diva's hips are OFA certified FAIR (B1) and her elbows are normal!!! We are very proud of our child! Diva is co-litter sister of Dominikiya Horobre Serdce, from which we have still 1 male for sale (Poslanets Sudby Germes Horobre Serdce)
***28 March - Yesterday evening we legalised our puppies - now all have their own tattoo, official name, official FCI puppy cards 2 beautiful males and female are still searching for their owners! Write, call us - and you will fins the best friend to you and your family All puppies are of show quality, have excellent characters and temperament! We aslo recommend to go into sport with them - they have excellent working abilities! We have placed new photos of the puppies in 47 days on the personnal pages - go by link here
***15 March - in the first days of March there were hold at once 4 shows in Moldova: 2xCAC, one from which was a Championship of terriers, and 2xCACIB. OUr lovely Bronislava Horobre Serdce (a daughter of Maryana-Krasa Horobre Serdce x Vsevolod s Zolotogo Grada) obtained 2 and 2R.CAC during these 2 days!!! We congratulate the owners with such a success!! Bronislava has only started her show carrier this year, and they were managed to achieve such good results till the moment!! She needs only 1 more CAC to close Moldova Championship!
***27 Feb - I have just got news that our Radomir Raddy is currently ranked the number 1 brt in America!!! has been best of breed 19 times since Jan 1!! HURRRAAAAAA!!! Choose working group there http://www.dmcg.com/CurrentBreed.asp
***26 Feb - there were placed new photos of puppies on the site - in their 14 days! also personnal pages for all the puppies were made! We are waiting for good owners for our nice children :)
***19 Feb - Radomir has won 3 shows last weekend in USA Our congratulation to his handler - & best wishes to his children!

***18 Feb - a daughter of our Horobre Serdce Maryana-Krasa & WW Vsevolod s Zolotogo Grada - Horobre Serdce Bronislava - was shown for the first time, at once on CACIB, in the open class - & she won it!!! It's the first CAC in her life, but they are sure they will continue showing her from now. They are very thankful to me as for their breeder, and I from my side am VERY thankful to Elena Lyubnitskaya Ter' Avalon kennel, who haircut her, and who has paid so much of attention to our child!

***15 Feb -in Russian Bears kennel in USA there were born puppies from Radomir & Lizavetta s Teplyh Zvezd. CONGRATS to the breeders! See more info here
***07 Feb - From the beginning of the year Radomir has won BOB on 13 shows out of 15! My congratulations!!! It's a good lugguage for his children-newcomer!
***08 Feb - Radomir has won 13 BOB out of 15 shows in USA where he has been participating!
***22 Jan - We are celebrating Nastya's birthday :) My lovely daughter - all the life is for you
*** 18 Jan - Radomir has got 8 BOB from the befonning of the year! 4 BOB last week, and 4 BOB this week - 1 tampa bay, 1 inverness kennel club, 1 brooksville kennel club and 1 pasco county kennel club Good start of the year! Many hugs to you, my dear Raddy
*** Radomir is invited to Westmister Dog Club Show!! *** 01 Jan 2007! - HAPPY NEW YEAR to EVERYBODY!!
***Official results have come!! on the 28 Dec Jani Kettunen wrote to me : "Congratulations =) we got official results of HD from Kira (Horobre Serdce Energiya ( Radomir s Almaznogo Ostrova * Aida Black Rider Kri))
ED 0/0
She has feeded by ONLY Royal Canin MAXI adult , excersice easily , grow peace . Really nice " Kira is living in Finland, and she was x-rayed in Finland!!
***17 Dec - there was held a Championship of Russian Black Terriers, and Lesnaya Nimfa s Almaznogo Ostrova (Horobre Serdce Deva Danaya x Kris) got Best female, and so - All-the Ukrainian WINNER!!! and as a result, taking in account her victory on the Suturday - she's a UKRAINIAN CHAMPION!!! You're the best
***16 Dec - there was a show "Chrystal Cup of Ukraine-CACIB", and Lesnaya Nimfa s Almaznogo Ostrova (Horobre Serdce Deva Danaya x Kris) got 1-st place in the champion class!!! CAC! & Petr Velikiy s Almaznogo Ostrova (Horobre Serdce Deva Danaya x Radomir s Almaznogo Otsrova) got 4-th place in the open class, just after the WINNER of the open class of the WORLD-2006 Lihoy Kozak Noch na Kupalu (who got 3-d one). My congratulations!! . Photos are here
*** Some more news from Poland! On the show in Nowej Rudzie there were show Radomir's children from Jennifer Testudo, "Z Ruskich Bylin" kennel, and Marfa Radomirowna closed her Polish Championship!!, and her younger sister Nadia Radomirowna closed Junior Polish Champion!! Marfa obtained NSwR i BOB!!
And on the CACIB show in Kielci their brother Matwiej Radomirowicz closed his POLISH CHAMPIONSHIP!!!
our congratulation!!
***12 Dec - We got more news each day! In the "Russian Bear" kennel there were born puppies from dam Ruslana Ratmirovna iz Poslendnih Angelov (a daughter of great parents Ratmir ot Zenitsy Oka & Gabriela Klayf ot Feri) & sire Zarevich Radostin Horobre Serdce (Radomir's son from Diva Horobre Serdce). So they're our grand-children!! Puppies were born on the first day of the winter - 01 Dec 2006. See more details here! 8 males & 4 females are for sale!
***Radomir came to USA on Sept 15 2006 and started showing there in October. to get his AKC Championship he was shown 7 times, and he obtained Winners Dog 6 times; Best of Breed 4 times; Group-1 2 times; he got 3 times 5 point majors; and 2 times 3 point majors
to the date (12/Dec/06) he has been shown 17 times, and became Best of Breed 10 times, and Group-1 3 times
He has acquired 40 breed points and 400 all breed points as well (these are estimates until we can get actuals)
We start the New Year with a bang!!
***11 Dec - We have just excellent news!! Evrika Horobre Serdce, a daughter of Radomir & Aida, is pregnant from Malahovskyi Sovjetnik!! We are very happy with this marvelous news, & are eager to see the newcomers in a month!! Look for more news on the Inima Mea kennel 's site!
***10 Dec - David and Radomir got another BIG-1 victory in Miami today! We are anxiously awaiting the BIS results - which starts at 6pm Cross your fingers!
***2-3 Dec - David & Radomir participate in 2 dog shows in USA, Savanna Ga., and they won the BOB both days this past weekend!! They made the cut in the working GRP both days :) Our congratulations to you both!! You're the champions!!

***25-26 Nov - David & Radomir took place in 2 more shows, and Radomir beat the dog that went BOB at the Nationals (Malchishka Malchugan s Zolotogo Grada) the day Raddi went WD. They made the cut in the working GRP both days :)

***22 Nov - O, I've just got news that my Radomir finshed his AKC Championship becoming the male WINNER dog at the BRTCA Nationals!!!! He also got his CGC while there!!! It's some kind of working exam as I understood.I am so HAPPY for you, my dear!!

***16 Nov - Deva Danaya Horobre Serdce decided to make a great present to her owner Katerina Pereguda coming back from the World Cup - and delivered 12 puppies yesterday evening!! We hearty congratulate you, Kate, as well as sire's owner Tatyana Demchuk, with a new litter!!! We wish you to find good owners for your newcomers!!

***15 Nov - CONGRATULATIONS to all the World Dog show winners and participants!! VIVAT UKRAINE!!! My special congrats to Irina Yablonka whose Amasonka won Best Junior, and even BIG!!! and to Anna Litwinova whose Natashka-Milashka I admire very much - she became a prizer in her ring; and to Natasha Suchetskaya with her puppies which WON puppies rings as well!!! And to Vika & Lilia Timofeeva whose Prokaznitsa Anfisa became the prizer in her ring as well!! They met a great competition - & WON!!! JUST LOOK - HOW BIG AMOUNT OF FEMALES WERE THERE IN THE RINGS!!!Congrats to UKRAiNE with such great breeders!!! My special congratulations also to Ekaterina Pereguda with herLesnaya Nimfa S Almaznogo Ostrova (Kris*Deva Danaya Horobre Serdce) who competed in the CHAMPION class in such a young age and was VERY beautiful shown there!!! Also to Marfa Radomirovna, Nadya and Natasha Radomirovna who have taken a participation in the World dog show as well!!

***19 Oct 2006-Baltika s Almaznogo Ostrova delivered puppies from Radomir!!!! Congratulations to a happy breeders - Tess Cornet and her daughter Helene with all their family - Russian Bear kennel. See the pups on their site! Congratulations to Radomir! He has already won 2*Best in Group titles in NASHVILLE, & 3*Best of Breed!!!

***I learned that Radomir's children in Poland are very beautifull and successful in their show carrier! See his lovely children Marfa, Matwey, Nadya and Natasha iz Russkih Bylin on the Children page, as well as in our photoalbum : Radomir's children, children from Jennifer Testudu litters "M" and "N"

*** AIDA has a jubelee!! She's 10 year old today!!! My lovely, honey, clever girl, we wish you to be the same beautiful & excellent dog! We made some photos of Nastya congratulating her here :), & of Aida after her congratulations here :)

***09.10 - Radomir with the aid of David won his first Best of Breed in USA! My dear, my lovely dog, we congratulate you! & David of cause :) It's your first points to the USA Championship!

***03 Okt - our grand-daughter Lesnaya Nimfa s Almaznogo Ostrova (Kris x Horobre Serdce Deva Danaya) on the show in Zaporozhie (UA) won CAC & CACIB!!! We are very happy with such a success of the young prencess, & send our great congratulations to the breeder & owner - Ekaterina Pereguda!!! We are very proud of Nimfa, that is a Champion of Russia & Poland besides!! See photo here

***18.Sept - at last I know that they landed & everything is doing well!! Helene sent to me several very nice photos of Baltika, Leonid & Radomir in their house, & it seems they feel themselves happy! Leonid is already swimming, Baltika - just taking some rest near the people (she choosed Helene at once as her owner!), & Radomir... I would better write you that warm words wich Helene wrote to me :"I will email you some pictures in a little while - but Radomir is doing fine!! He is so much like my Haggie (Ghagrid) in his actions and attitude - the barking for petting and the happiness and loving ness - but - he is beautiful!!! My Hagrid is a good brt - Radomir is a very nice great brt!! We will do very well with him here!! Thanks for letting us bring him here. David and Radomir had an interview yesterday for an article in the paper next week and David will be taking Radomir to a show next weekend - (not to show - he is not ready yet as you know) but he will be shown in the next few weeks and then every weekend in Oct - we have to make points to go to westminster!!". I belive that my lovely dog feel himself happy there. See photos here

***15.Sept. - My lovely Radomir went to USA to Russian Bear kennel for breedings. How it is empty without him in my house! My dear boy, I hope you will be happy there with these nice people & a lot of females :) The big family of the owners of the kennel - Tess, her daughter Helene with Ed, & their daughter Tessa, as well as 3 years old boy :) seem to be very nice persons, & David - their friend with whome Radomir will live - is a very interesting & nice person, who loved Radomir very much from his first glance. & this love was mutual, so I hope very much that they will become good friends, & that Radomir will make them as happy, as me with his great tender heart :) They name him "peacock" among themselves for his beauty, effectiveness & self-pride :) very funny nick ;)

***08.08.06 - On Sunday we with our friends- "blackies owners" - went to a lake for shashlyk making. Roger made a lot of funny photos :) you may find them here

***07/07/06 - News from Magda Janicka/Poland- the breeder & owner of our daughter Marfa Radomirovna iz Russkih Bylin! Marfa took CACIB & Best female in Schecine/Poland!! Our congratulations, & many thanks also to Lilya Timofeeva for handling! Marfa also took CAC in a CAC-Jelenia Gura dog show!!! We are proud of you, girls!!!

***18.06 - News from Romania :) We with Jane Nolan (U.K. London) went to Ploesti (40km from Bucurest) to CAC + CACIB shows with her Shadlian's Gold Digger (Mishka). Both days in competitors we had Sladkaya Yagoda s Teplyh Zvezd - Interchampion, Multichampion. So on the first day (CAC) we received R.CAC , & on the next day (CACIB) we WON - CAC, R.CACIB!!!! It's only second Mishka's show! Such a great success!!!!! See photos here, then 2-nd day here

***11.06 - Radomir - Champion of Kiev!!!
We with my English friends Roger & Jane showed their female Shadlien Gold Digger (English pedigree brt- Labrash kennel's bloods, as well as of Chech' & USA's kennels). I went with my baby Nastya to their house to prepare Mishka (her home name) to the show - "Championship of Kiev". When registrating, I decided to show Radomir too, so we went with 2 dogs there :) You can find photos here. It was the first show for Mishka, & nevertheless we were judged by Zoya Oleynik, Mishka took excellent description, & was even compared for a long time with CH. class female!!! Then, of cause, Oleynik gave Radomir only best of sex, but not best of breed, giving this titul to that female CH.class. But we know why, so we are just loughing ;) Take a rest watching funny photos :) - brt ring was devided in 2 - because of the rain - we were all wet for 2 times!! I dryed Radomir just under the sun ;) with no dryer ;) But he's the Chempion of Kiev nevertheless, & Mishka - open class CAC, 2-nd in comparence for the best female. It was a nice weekend :)
***We have new page on the site - black terriers & children :)

***New photos on pages of Evrika Horobre Serdce (Radomir x Aida) & Petr Velikiy s Almaznogo Ostrova (Radomir x Deva Danaya Horobre Serdce), Daryana Horobre Serdce (Aida x Makar iz Rus Moskovia)

***22 May - Prima (Radomir x Deva Danaya Horobre Serdce) took BOB in Rauma, Finland on Sunday! We have so much of good news! Thank you, Anna-Riitta!
*** 21 May - CACIB show in Cluj Romania (Translivania) took place, & we with Radomir closed his Championship - CAC, CACIB, BOB :) HIs daughter Evrika - CAC, CACIB, best female! & nevertheless Radomir was exposed today just super, much better than yesturday, we won nothing in BIG - it was judged by Avi Marshak, Israel, who never gives the 1-st places to blackie. But we are very glad for the rotweiler of Sabina's friends, who won BIG & BIS! Our congratulations! We met many new friends in Romania! Many thanks to all for aplauses! Before the BIS concurses we with Radomir presented black terreir as a working breed - all the people were aplouding us when we showed our work of IPO-1 B part :) & we with Sabina, Radomir & Evrika also presented black terrier as a breed to people - winners of the rings may to. So we did some good deals :) See photos here
*** 20 May - We with Radomir & his daughter from Aida - Evrika Horobre Serdce-, took part today in a show in Romania, Cluj-Napoca city (Transilvania). & Evrika, being exposed in intermedium clas, won Best of sex!, then Radomir won best of breed ! & then best of group!!! in Best in show the judge choosed 4 dogs pretending on BIS, us too. We didn't win, but hope, that we will tomorrow - there will be biger show - CACIB People were coming to us to tell that they thought we will win , so we will try ))) Radomir's descriptions under Cristian Stefanescu judgement was "Good substance. Topline stays very good in movements. Good body proportions.Strong neck.Good angulations of hind legs.good coat quality. good handled."
photos here!!!
On the 29.04.2006 was CAC in Satu Mare,Romania. Our Evrika Horobre Serdce (Radomir x Aida) took active participance in it & received : Excelent 1,CAC,BOB "Female,23 months,medium structure,good head,corect bite,good anatomioc structuremgood angulations,good pigmentation,good movement"-Best Female- (judge: Petru Munteanu,Romania)
*** On the 30.04.2005 on the CACIB Show in Satu Mare,Romania,she had Excelent 1,CAC,CACIB,BOB "Female,23 months,elegant,good sized,good bone structurebeautiful head,corect dentition,good front on the dog,compact back,good angulations,good movement" -Best Female (judge: Bela SIKLOSI,Hu)
*** on the 29 of Aprel we with Radomir took part at the evening Super-show of Champions "Gold of Scetiens", where only Interchampions & National Champions may participant, & we had much of pleasure :) Our prize was a silver plate, & inspite of the show started very late, it was really interesting - a judge had first to expertize 2-nd group FCI from all the dogs; then 32 dogs had to be chosen for the final, then 5 judges vote for 1 dog from a pare (pares receives by casting of lots/by chance). Though we won a silver plate only (not 3 first prizes), we are proud that Karl Reisenberg vote for us :)
*** 24 March - Our congratulation to our Prima - Privilegue s Almasnogo Ostrova (Radomir & Deva Danaya Horobre Serdce) - she had a nice day in Tampere on the 19 March - ERI1 PN1 SERT CACIB ROP = EXC, CAC, CACIB, BOB !!! We are proud of our g-daughter!!! Our congratulation to Anna Rauvante!!
***05/03 - We congratulate Pereguda Ekaterina with victory of her Lesnaya Nimfa s Almaznogo Ostrova (Deva Danaya Horobre Serdce x Kris) R.CAC in intermedium class among 12 females in the ring on Eurasia-2006 first day (finnish judge), & 4-th place second day (swiss judge). We are really happy for such a success of our scient :)
***26/11 - a page of Evrika Horobre Serdce was re-newed (Radomir x Aida) - of our Eastern & West Europe Junior Champion, Junior Romanian Champion :)
***26/11 - We received the official letter from FCI that Radomir is an International Champion of Beauty - so INTERCHAMPION - Hura Hura Hura!!!!!
***Our children were x-rayed , & Faramir Horobre Serdce (Dobrynya Makarych Horobre Serdce x Massandra Horobre Serdce) has HD-A E/B 0/0, Ptitsa Schastya s Almaznogo Ostrova (Radomir s Almaznogo Ostrova x Deva Danaya Horobre Serdce) has E/B 0/0 HD-B. We are glad for them J
26.09 - a note from Sabina, Romania: "Now good news: Evrika is Junior Champion Central Eastern Europe )We have a nice diploma!!!!!! We had one junior concurece..Malahovskyi Noir Stil !!!!!! She won Junior CAC in both days of Show )) I am very proud of her and I am thanking you again very much for bringing Evrika in my life!!!!!!!"
14/08 - Some nice news from Finland! Our Prima - Priviligue s Almaznogo Ostrova (Radomir x Deva Danaya Horobre Serdce) took in Pori/Finland on the 30.7.05 EXC, HP, CAC !!!! OUr great congratulation to her owner - Anna-Riitta Rauvante!
13.08 - Excellent news from Viktoriya & Liliya Timofeeva ! - our son- young daddy Danila Makarych Horobre Serdce won 2*CAC, R.CACIB on 2*CACIBs shows in Moldova, Kishinau this weekends on the 12-13.08!! Our congratulations!!
12.08 - We are glad to tell that so long-waited puppies from Danila Makarych Horobre Serdce & Marfa (own."Iz Galitskih Zemel"kennel, Timofeeva V. & L.). In their first litter, from Marfa & Argument iz Kniazhego Grada they received "The Hope of Europe-2004", "the best baby of Europe-2004", "the best puppy of "Ukraine-2004", "the best Junior of "the Cup of Kiev-2004", "Black Pearl-2004" ". We are waiting for the good owners for so good puppies!!
29/07 - Our Evrika Horobre Serdce closed Junior Romanian Championship!!! & She started BH & IPO-1! Go to http://sabina-bell.tripod.com/id10.html to see her new site !
29.05.2005-Cac Cluj-Napoca-We are very very proud of our girl Judge Papp Vasile(Ro)-Rjp,Exc1,BOB
28.05.2005-Cacib CLuj-Napoca Judge Zeidl Josef(Hu)-Rpj,Exc1,BOB
10.04.2005-Expo Cacib Baia-Mare Judge: Radisa Stoiadinovici(YU)-Rpj, Exc1,BOB
09.04.2005-Expo Cacib Satu-Mare- Judge: Olga Shertisa(MD)-Rika became RomanianPrimJunior(Rpj),Exc1
15/07 - In Poland there were born children of Radomir - 10 puppies, the biggest weighs 600g!! Very big size for so big quantity of puppies! We are waiting for owners! Hurry up!
So many news last time :) Sorry for not re-newing my site. Try to make everything at once :)
*** These days we are waiting for puppies from Radomir & Jennifer Testudo (polish kennel "Iz Russkih Bylin"). This is the double-breeding. Previous puppies are already winning shows in Poland & Slovakia.
*** 15.05.2005 in Jelenia Gura/Poland on CWC show Radomir won Champions class of 4 registrated males & closed Polish Championship! Excellent present to me to my birthday :)
Now Radomir is an Interchampion & the Champion of 6 countries (Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Bulgaria, Poland), besides his excellent working facilities (IPO-1, "dog in city-2")
*** Deva Danaya Horobre Serdce closed Russian Championship the same day :)
*** the daughter of Deva Danaya Horobre Serdce & Kris - Lesnaya Nimfa s Almaznogo Ostrova (own.Pereguda E.G.) won 3-d place in puppies on "Dmitrov-2005", & the most quantity of balls on the Festival-brt, taking 2-nd place (the were 3 pups with the same quantity of balls)
*** Puppies are born on the 05 of May 2005 from Feofania Horobre Serdce (Dobrynya Makarych Horobre Serdce * Massandra Horobre Serdce)
*** In March in Nikolaev on CAC show Radomir won the best male of the breed & closed the Ukrainian Championship! (judge - Shiyan T.)
*** "Ukraine-CACIB-2005" : Petr Velikiy s Almaznogo Ostrova (Radomir * Deva Danaya Horobre Serdce) - the Best Junior ! Elite Horobre Serdce (10 months, Aida * Radomir) - excellent-4.
16.03 So super news!! The daughter of Radomir & Deva Danaya Horobre Serdce Privilegue s Almaznogo Ostrova (Prima) - became the best Puppy of the 2004 year in Finnland!!! Our great congratulations to her owner Anna-Riitta Rauvante!!! Best wishes to you & much of success & good luck!!
15.03 Sorry for loosing some news :(
On the Championship of BRT-2004 in December our little girl Elite Horobre Serdce (Aida * Radomir) won Best puppy of the Championship!! In 6 months!!! Our great great congratulations!!! & on the Christal Cup of Ukraine-2004 she took 2-nd place after the much older female . We wish to our girl & her owners more victories & prizes :)
06.12 - & news from Bulgaria once more our Faramir Horobre Serdce went to Belgrad with his owners, where there was a show of 1005 dogs, 15 brts, & Ratmir & Efrem ot Zenitsy Oka among them. Faramir was exposed in the Champion class, & took R.CAC. Ivan & Lyubima the owners tell it was very interesting show, with a special ring of invitation of Russian black terriers, where Zoran Brankovich the judge told to the people about brt, when all the brt-participants were running in the ring by peoples apploudisments. Its only pity our young Ptitsa Schastya s Almaznogo Ostrova (Radomir x Deva Danaya s Almaznogo Ostrova) with her owner Nelli were absent Ivan says it was very warm atmosphere on this show, & they meet many nice brt-breeders there.
20.11 - Interesting news from Bulgaria our Faramir Horobre Serdce took part in the weight-pulling competitions, & WON! moving 570 kg in 7 seconds!!!
03.11 - & here are the news from our young daddy Radomir :)
On Sunday we took a place with him on the show in Donetsk, & won the Champion class!!! - winning the most tituled male of Ukraine - Argument iz Kniazhego Grada!! Expert FCI from Russia Pudeev E. gave him the description : "The right bite. Massive & impressive head. Right eyes & ears.Firm/strong weist & nice topline. Compact body. Almost right format. Excellent angles of the front & hind legs. Free & nice movements. Excellent quality of hair."
Berendey Boyan Horobre Serdce on the same show in intermedium class received R.CAC with just excellent description "Right bite. of Excellent building wide head, right eyes & ears. excellent & right building of the chest, right format, wide back, firm weist & nice topline. Excellent angles of the front & hind legs. Free & nice movements. Excellent quality of hair." In the private commence he said, that thought this male is very young (18 months only), he's of excellent maturity, has very nice wide head & back - of the very same building, he likes. 03.11 - & news again - from Germany! Christine Scrinjar took place on the show with her pet Zariza Nochi Horobre Serdce (Radomir x Diva Horobre Serdce) - & victory again! The show took place in Kippenheim, 9 black terriers, 3 in the junior class, where Zatiza was - 1, CC :)) The best female won a female from the open class.
The description of Zariza : strong/massive female, shows herself in the ring free; long head; correct eyes & ears; excellent topline; chest is deep & wide enough; excellent legs angles; excellent hair; movements free & with good amplitude.
We heartly congratulate Christine with new victory !!!
News again - from Bulgaria this time! Our young VChampion Faramir Horobre Serdce (Dobrynya Makarych Horobre Serdce x Massandra Horobre Serdce) these weekends took place in the show 2xCACIB in Bulgaria - in Rousse & Dobrich -, & won 2 in the intermedium class! then also 2xR.CACIB after the Champion of Europe-2003 Kalita s Zolotogo Grada!
Young daughter of Radomir & Deva Danaya Horobre Serdce - Ptitsa Schastya s Almaznogo Ostrova - received 2xJCAC !!Now she needs to receive 1 JCAC more to close young Bulgarian Champion! We heartly congratulate Lyubima Kanaykova & Nelli Ivanova with these victories !! & wishe them more successes :)
28.09 - Are you interesting in some news??? :))) O'k, you can read them :) 26.09. in Germany near Saarbruecken a dogshow took place Westhighland Festival. Christine Scrinjar sent us the short mail about it - she showed there her 9 m.o. daughter of Radomir & Diva Horobre Serdce - Zariza Nochi Horobre Serdce - Jette at home.
In the junior class there were 4 dogs. Jette was the youngest (you remember 9 months only!). That was her show in junior class.
& she won, when she only received the "excellent" mark! others females received "very good"! Then they started again, & Jette wins again becoming the Best female of the breed! Then they started again the best junior-male - & victory again ! - The best Junior of the Breed!! Then they compete for the best in breed (in 9 months!!!) with the best male of the breed - from the open class & THEY WIN!!! IN 9 MONTHS OUR YOUNG GIRL BECOMES THE BEST IN THE BREED!!!!!
Then they started in concurs for the best Junior of the show & Zariza Horobre Serdce becomes the Best Junior of the show!!
Then they went to the BIS of adult dogs, who received BOB at this show - & They WIN!!!
Here we should remark, that in Germany on terrier show they devide them on short & long legs. & Jette won the BIS of longlegged terriers. with comparance of the best shortlegged terrier West Wight Highland terrier she lost, becoming nevertheless Vice-Best in show !! in 9 months!!! Such a success! The judge Mr. Kliebenstein came to Christine after the show to say to her, if she knows that she owns such a precious dog?!!! Should we say that her owner was just happy :) The description & the photos you may see here :) We should only add that Mr.Kliebenstein is FCI-judge of all breeds, & some weeks ago he judged a ring in Russia, where 163 took place!
20.09 - We heartly congratulate Sergey Malyshev with his pet Dobrynya Makarych Horobre Serdce with the titul of Russia Champion receiving under the Marina Gerasimova judging !! 22.08.04 on the show in Belgorod, Russia, Dobrynya received :) We wish them the best!
15.09 Excellent news from Finland our young daughter of Radomir & Deva Danaya Horobre Serdce Privilege s Almaznogo Ostrova (Prima at home) on the show in Porvoo/Finland took CAC & BOB!! We congratulate her owner Anna-Riita Rauvanta, owner of the Zvezdochka" kennel with the victory & wish them further success :)
24.08 - & VICTORY again! CAC, CACIB, BOB I Uzhgorod/Ukraine - & we with radomir closed the INTERCHAMPION titul!!! We are taking congratulations :) Unless we went there on the 13-th in the Friday, in the train 337 (3-3-7=13) on the 13-16 places having still no tickets to the return-way (We come home by tickets which we bought 1.5 hours before the train, in 13-th vagen ;) our mood was just excellent, & we had the results SUCH the victory worth doing :) + excellent rest in Uzhgorod :) we had several km walking from the show place till the trainstation ;)
04.08 Glad news from Bulgaria ! On the Black Sea on the 24.07-31.07 3 shows at once took polace, that gave the ability to close the Bulgarian Championship during the 2 weekends! & the owners of our lovely son of Dobrynya Makarych Horobre Serdce Faramir Horobre Serdce used this ability o the 100 %! Now Fara, except of Young Champion of Bulgaria & Young Champion of Balcan, - became the Champion of Bulgaria also! 3 more CACIB in his active!! Expertise took place under the judging of Anton Todorov (Bulgaria), Stefan Popov (Bulgaria) & Zoran Churchich (Serbia). We heartly congratulate Lyubima Kanaykova & Ivan Stalev with such a success!!!
Our young daughter of Radomir & Deva Danya Horobre Serdce Ptitsa Schastya s Almaznogo Ostrova made us very glad for her also :) She was showed first in the junior class (9,5 months old.) - & 2 "excellent" !! We heartly congratulate Nelli Ivanova Rayas owner :)
01.07 This time we bring the victory from Krakow (Poland) with Radomir ! We won the Champions class! - (there was Kait Krait in concuration also!), & R.CACIB then also! Now we have to take one more CAC in half a year with Radomir on any Polish show to receive the Champion of Poland!!
24.06 - & the VICTORY again! & what the victory !! Our Radomir on the show in Schecin (Poland) in the champion class took , CACIB, BOB & even BOG then!! We brought many prizes & presents to home :) The very travel was very pleasant, because we gestured in our friends house Tomak & Artur in Chestahovo :) Our great thankfulness for their guesture!

Great news!!!
There were born puppies from our best dogs! First in Ukraine - really working pair!

Radomir s Almaznogo Ostrova - IPO-1, 4*CACIB, R.CACIB, 8*CAC, 2*R.CAC

x Deva Danaya Horobre Serdce - IPO-1, CACIB, 7*CAC, 4*R.CAC

Radomir in Katowice, 15 months
Horobre Serdce Deva Danaya
Puppy in his Birthday


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